Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eat Local, Terrorize Close to Home

The theme among talking heads this week is "enough is enough," and I'm with them. The very best of the articles this week is by Joe Klein, who pulls no punches, for once.
In 1993, when the Clintons tried health-care reform, the Republican John Chafee offered a creative (in fact, superior) alternative — which Kristol quashed with his famous "Don't Help Clinton" fax to the troops. There is no Republican health-care alternative in 2009. The same people who rail against a government takeover of health care tried to enforce a government takeover of Terri Schiavo's end-of-life decisions. And when Palin floated the "death panel" canard, the number of prominent Republicans who rose up to call her out could be counted on one hand.
For Chrissake, no Republican has stood up to suggest it's not okay to bring assault weapons to a town hall meeting. It's absolutely evident that the notion of bipartisanship is bogus. Obama needs to pull the plug on the Baucus panel and go with his gut, if he has one. This baby steps process is a losing tactic. If necessary, FDR should rise up from the grave and kick Barack's ass.

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