Wednesday, July 1, 2009

If Your Job Were Like a NYS Legislator's

1) You could stroll through the conference room for a snack and be counted as having attended the meeting!
2) You could show up, sign in, and go home for the day but still get paid!
3) You could call the CEO a coke-sniffing staff-banger and not get fired!

Feel free to add more.


Anonymous said...

You could cut up your significant other with a broken glass, make a secret deal with a competing firm and jump ship, and when you get bored with it all be welcomed back to your old company with open arms!

Anonymous said...

You could break all kinds of financial disclosure laws and funnel money from nonprofits for your own use and STILL be the most heavily courted member of the company!

Anonymous said...

You could stand up at a major company press conference and state to the entire world, shareholders and general public alike, that you've not only had affairs but snorted cocaine, and you'd still retain your position as CEO!