Thursday, June 18, 2009

Required Reading

Gail Collins on Maloney v. Gillibrand:
So far, Gillibrand has all the endorsements, and Maloney seems to have cornered the market on rancor. On some points, they’re surprisingly similar. Both are hard-working, committed to women’s issues and diligent in collecting federal aid for the home base. The term “sharp elbowed” has been applied to each, but I think it is kinder to say that given the proper encouragement, either one would pander to a doorknob.


BlueYork said...

Didn't Kirsten move to her congressional district because she couldn't get elected when she lived in NYC? Now THAT'S pandering!1!!

KAZ said...

Actually, she's a native Albanyan, with relatives part of the Albany machine. She has lived in NH, NYC, LA, and DC at various times. Did she move back to the Albany area expressly to run for office? Yes, absolutely, although it would be four years before she ran for anything. But was it carpetbagging? Nope.