Monday, May 18, 2009


The word from Politico (see May 15th) is that Obama made a deal with Steve Israel not to primary Kirsten Gillibrand next year--and we're also hearing vague rumors to the effect that Paterson may be offered something nice not to run for governor again. The Democrats' fear of primaries is not one I share. I'm delighted, for example, that our county legislature faces a shakeup. If the party doesn't air its grievances in public this way, it airs them in committee or caucus battles that lead (correctly) to charges of closed government and party machines. Doing things openly may cause the GOP to rub its hands in glee, believing that its candidate now has more of a chance to win, but the truth is that it's healthier for the Dems as well--rallying the troops early as people choose sides and drowning out the bleating of any GOP candidate until at least mid-September.

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