Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Meet the Candidates

[Thanks to Kim Gazzo for the (flopped) photo.] We all three attended the Meet-the-Candidates event last night, where Mike quite rightly pointed out that not only were all six candidates men, but none wore a shirt and tie. I was surprised that three of the six did not attend college, and an overlapping three of the six attended Dryden schools. One (Lyons) has homeschooled three out of four of his children. I would call his philosophy of education (more local control, even if it means more property taxes) exactly 180 degrees from mine. I think it's fair to say that except for Paul and Brian, no one else had a philosophy of education. Mike Scott is our neighbor's contractor, and O knows his daughters. Bill Harding ran last year and is on the town GOP committee. I'm obviously biased, but I'm strongly encouraging everyone I know to bullet vote. At least we have a race; we're the only district in the county that does. Here's the IJ "coverage." The Cortland Standard and Dryden Courier actually attended the event.

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Anonymous said...

I vote for the guy on the right. He's the only one who didn't wear jeans.