Thursday, May 21, 2009

The 2010 Opportunity

It looks as though California is moving headlong toward a much-needed constitutional convention to fix such things as gerrymandering and its broken ballot initiative system. I'd like to know where the clamor is in NY. Five years ago, people were talking about this upcoming chance at reform and redemption, but now, the topic is conspicuously absent in public debate.

The last one we held was in 1967, and voters rejected its initiatives. We're governed by the constitution of 1938, give or take a few amendments. If you think that's still working, consider our congressional stagnation, both federal and state.

Of course, upstaters worry that redistricting would give more power to downstate, whose districts are perennially overpopulated (giving individual voters approximately 1.7% less worth than upstate voters). But surely it's time to do something to unstick this mess.

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stan zahler said...

I'm very dubious that CA will have a constitutional convention. Too many folks love the difficulty of passing new taxes; too many others don't want to give up their gerrymandered districts. The status quo is likely to last until we go the way of Chrysler.
-- SAZ