Friday, April 10, 2009

More Bear

Last night, he wandered in, pried off the lid of the can that used to hold the birdseed (see pic), and then lay on the patio near the basement door for hours, groaning and making other bear noises. Paul had a vision that he was living under our porch. I drove O down to the bus stop despite the milder weather.


Overheard in Ithaca said...

That looks like one big, scarey bear. I'd stay inside if I were you.

Anonymous said...

MY wife would run outside and scare it away. I think you should do that, too.

KAZ said...

I keep the dogs inside at night. If they have to go out, I go down to the basement to check before I let them go. I keep the garage door closed. The only way the bear would hurt me would be if I trapped it somewhere. The garage, with its trash cans and syrup-making appliances, seems too tempting. I make sure the chickens are locked up tight.