Friday, January 16, 2009

Saved from the Axe

The axe may be falling on people we know, but the pheasants are granted a stay by the governor! Thanks to Mike for sending this from the Albany Times-Union. I think Paul's letter-writing campaign had at least a bit to do with this.


Anonymous said...

Oh great. More fat, stupid, genetically and behaviorally compromised birds thrown into the fields for folks to blast. If it's such a great thing, let hunters buy it as a cooperative and run it as a business. Or let them shoot skeet. But don't waste taxpayer money on this ethically embarrassing boondoggle.
Saved from the axe indeed. Lucky birds.

KAZ said...

Hunters already pay for it, which was what Paul's letters told the gov. It was not a taxpayer-supported boondoggle. It was a bait-and-switch on the part of CU, which wanted the land. (And not all the birds are for hunting, BTW. A lot of them go to 4H, some are part of a release program, etc.)