Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday's BOE

From the IJ via our press release:

At Dryden's next Board of Education meeting, scheduled for 7:15 p.m. Monday, Jan. 26, Superintendent Sandy Sherwood and Business Manager Teresa Carnrike will present a short talk titled "How New York State's Fiscal Crisis will Affect Dryden," in Room C-13 in Dryden Middle School/High School.

Using the governor's proposed budget plan, the administrators will go through several scenarios, including the effect on local property taxes should Dryden retain all current programs and the effect on district programs should Dryden attempt to hold the tax levy to a typical 4 percent or below. All district residents are encouraged to attend. The superintendent's presentation will be first on the agenda.

The first public review of the proposed Dryden budget will be two weeks later, Feb. 9, at the middle school/high school library.
This meeting will be critical to residents' understanding of the facts surrounding this year's budget. I'd encourage folks to attend.


Les Cleland said...

Yes, KAZ, information is critical to understanding, but it must be complete info not partial as this presentation seems to be described. First off, the Gov.'s proposal has never flown in the 40+ years I've had some degree of knowlege of school funding, and it won't this year, so using it as an alarm system is bogus. Secondly, state aide is only half the picture...what about local taxpayers who face: loss of jobs; more foreclosures shown in the local news than ever before; increased assessments this past year that on average has raised actual property tax $ paid 20-25% across the district; a 33% increase in sewer tax for village residents; food and other living cost increases of 10+%; loss of a retirement base, the earnings from which have helped retirees pay their taxes, now reduced substantially, and the list as you know, goes on...This other side of the economic coin that schools face has to be given serious consideration, and recognition as the budget process goes forward. I hope we will hear recognition of the full message Monday night....see ya...Les

KAZ said...

I know that the governor's budget has never yet flown. However, this year I think if the legislators do their usual "what's a few billion" add-on, it will be irresponsible and short sighted. That doesn't mean they won't do it, but it's a deranged way to do business and will just prolong the agony. I don't think the supt intends this session as a scare tactic. I think recent lame comments in the Journal about ICSD's budget are an indication that people really aren't making the connection between the state budget woes and what that means here at home. I also think that Dryden's BOE is pretty well cognizant of the burden on local taxpayers--my income has dropped by one-third over the last two years, I pay nearly $10K in school taxes annually, and I am not nearly the worst off of the nine of us. So yes, I expect that you will get the full message Monday--not a whitewash and not a fairy tale. Only time will tell what the Big Picture will be, but we need to set the parameters so that no one is surprised down the road!