Friday, January 2, 2009

The Kennedy Flap

I haven't weighed in yet on our soon-to-be open Senate seat, mostly because I think it's a tiresome situation that won't be resolved by the rest of us flapping our gums. However, now that Shelly Silver has announced that he'll support Caroline Kennedy, albeit unhappily (will someone please make that man irrelevant?), I will put in my two cents. I don't think she's a bad pick. Like HRC, she gains NY immediate clout through her personal fame. Is that what we need in a senator? Well, it can't hurt. I have no reason to think she won't work hard, and I am sure that she'll have the ear of other senators in a way that other potential candidates won't. Is that fair? Who cares. Has she earned it? I don't know, shall we talk about Al Franken for a minute? Does she understand upstate? No. Do I? Does anyone? Should we vet our senators based on who has eaten blooming onions at the State Fair?

There's absolutely no indication that Andrew Cuomo would be better. Naked ambition in a nice suit is all I get from him (Schumer is a similar case, minus the suit), and his cadre of henchman frankly scares the bejesus out of me. (Say what you will about HRC, she was never one of those people who, in a conversation, constantly looks behind you to see whether there's someone more important back there. Chuck and Andy are EXACTLY one of those people.) There's also the barely-mentioned issue of Andy's connection to predatory lending and subprime mortgages as director of HUD. He's not Mario, that's for sure.

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