Monday, January 19, 2009

Backyard Visitor

Sadie was out on the back porch with her squirrelsicle when this guy appeared.


Les Cleland said...

Hi KZ...possible coyote?? We've been awakened several times in the past few months by their yelps and barks behind us...From what I could hear the other night, there were 4 distinct sounds from slightly different locations.
On another area--is there any possibility that the DCS working budget could be posted on the school website? I know this has the potential of being perhaps the most difficult year yet, and transparency, and public awareness/access to information as you good folks work through the process is extremely important. While other neighboring districts have scheduled public meetings,for input BEFORE a budget is built by administrators, Dryden seems to be twiddling....Les

KAZ said...

Hi, Les--

Yes, it's definitely a very healthy coyote. We have a pack of at least eight down in the lower field. Paul even saw one of them attempt to run down a full-grown doe.

I know what you're saying about transparency. We are spending a lot of time this week advertising the next meeting (1/26), at which Mrs. Sherwood and Teresa will present scenarios based on the governor's budget--from what taxes will look like if we maintain program to what program will look like if we reduce taxes to a typical level. They are also visiting all of the community groups early to talk about the effect of the NYS budget on Dryden--all this before we ever talk about our real budget. Please do come if you can.

Our actual budget hearings begin at our first meeting in February. The admin team has been working on budget since late autumn, when they were asked to look at everything through the lens of a substantial reduction. And of course, we have had the usual parade of good citizens who wish to make sure their favorite program is saved from the axe.

It's hard to prove we're not twiddling when we get absolutely no media coverage. We're working on that, too! I will pass on your request about the website. I don't see why that can't be done.