Friday, December 5, 2008

Who Will Lead Education?

As David Brooks suggests today, it's a matter of reform vs. status quo, and the latter just isn't tenable. Reform nowadays, for better or for worse, means union-bashing. That's why potential candidate Joel Klein is so feared and why people like the wacky but fascinating Michelle Rhee are so despised. It's not a popular position for a Democrat to take, but I will say it here anyway: I don't think America's teachers' unions are helping America's schools.


Steve Adams said...

When listening to teachers' union representatives I'm reminded of what JFK (sort of) said: Those who make reform impossible make revolution inevitable.

KAZ said...

SAZ writes that the hopelessly reactionary San Diego Trib has just written an editorial nominating Michelle Rhee as Secy of Ed. I agree with Steve's assessment, but revolution may feature strange bedfellows.