Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Cabinet Thus Far

A quick synopsis:
VP: Joe Biden. Current job: U.S. Senator. Replaces: Dick Cheney.
State: Hillary Clinton. Current job: U.S. Senator. Replaces: Condoleezza Rice.
Defense: Robert Gates. Current job: Defense. Replaces: self.
Homeland Security: Janet Napolitano. Current job: AZ Gov. Replaces: Michael Chertoff.
Commerce: Bill Richardson. Current job: NM Gov. Replaces: Carlos Gutierrez.
Treasury: Tim Geithner. Current job: President of US Fed. Replaces: Henry Paulson.
Attorney General: Eric Holder. Current job: Obama advisor. Replaces: Michael Mukasey.

Still to come: Agriculture, Education, Energy, Health & Human Services, HUD, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Veterans Affairs.

Not cabinet level but still important:
NSA: Jim Jones. Current job: Retired general. Replaces: Stephen Hadley
UN Ambassador: Susan Rice. Current job: Obama advisor. Replaces: Zalmay Khalilzad

Still to come: Drug Czar, EPA, OMB, US Trade Rep.


mlutwak said...

A bit of buzz form within an EPA office -- Robert Kennedy Jr for EPA?

KAZ said...

I'll check with my EPA sources and get back to you.

KAZ said...

They've heard it, too, but think he may be too controversial to survive confirmation.