Friday, November 14, 2008

Internet Down

We've had little or no Internet service for over 1 week. Frontier's been out on the lines, valiantly clipping and splicing, but our symptoms lead us to believe it's in vain. The symptoms are: slow connection to no connection; some sites accessible and other sites not; some email getting through in no time while others take three days. I've been patching together a work life, spending an hour at the downtown library (their daily maximum) and yesterday, spending six hours at a back office at a nearby school. The word from the last person Paul spoke to at Frontier is, "Until the linesmen hand it off, the engineers won't be called in." Nice.

One interesting sidelight: One of my jobs this week was editing for our assemblywoman. So she was able to see firsthand what we mean when we complain about highspeed broadband service in the boondocks.

Meanwhile, O has developed a rotten cold, just in time for her debut (and All-County Band Concert tomorrow).

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Welcome back!