Monday, November 24, 2008

Big 3 Bankruptcy

Consider the source, but here's a fairly terrifying picture of the world following our automobile companies' potential bankruptcies.
Eighty percent of consumers would not even consider buying a car or truck from a bankrupt manufacturer, one recent survey indicates. So once a bankruptcy proceeding got started, the company’s revenue would plummet, leading it to hemorrhage cash to cover its high fixed costs.
And that's just the beginning, as millions lose their jobs, auto financing vanishes, and Medicare/Medicaid expenses rise astronomically. "Riots in the streets, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!"


Anonymous said...

Well jeez, don't look at the source or anything. "Former United States secretary of energy under President Bush and a former United States senator from Michigan; chairman and chief executive of the Abraham Group, which advises energy and investment companies, and is a board member of Occidental Petroleum."
No dog in this fight, eh? He wouldn't have his entire very large fortune entirely dependent on scaring people into convincing Congress to give his pals enough money to keep paying him or anything...

My Comment Moderation Word Verification to submit this is "hello." In this case, very apropos. As in "HELLOOO...!!"

KAZ said...

I SAID "consider the source." And I ended with a Bill Murray quote from "Ghostbusters." How much clearer could I be?