Friday, October 10, 2008

There Oughta Be a Law

That's the title on this email I received from a fellow educational freelancer:
. . . Here's some industry scuttlebutt - one of the "big three," with a 40% share of the K-12 market, issued a new directive this summer. Starting July 2008, editorial and production of all TEs and ancillaries will be done in India and will be printed in China. Within the next two years, nearly all of their SEs will be developed overseas as well. This is why so many small development houses in the US are going belly-up.

Of course, the expected QA issues have started to crop up. The C printing of their TX math program had 85,000 errors. The C printing!!!!! Just wait 'til all those property tax payers find out where their dollars are going, especially once they get a look at these books!

It's Macmillan


Anonymous said...

This happened a while back too, with a few other companies, if you remember, and it went so badly, because the writers couldn't actually write, that the plans were scuttled after a couple of months. I wouldn't panic just yet....

KAZ said...

DE writes that on our recent project for Holt, the templates were developed in India, and the text for samples included those popular American names Mavis, Clive, and Graham.

Anonymous said...

Gsbriel Mavis Zahler. I think we have it! Even better than Doward.