Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Deep Freeze

Here's an article sent by Larry Cummings of the CNYSBA. Quite depressing, but unsurprising. Schools can't possibly be immune to a 20 percent decline in revenues.


Anonymous said...

Hi KAZ...Larry C has always been right on the money (-) with his comments, based on strong inside relationships down the Mohawk. In 1990-91, when the state cut 10% from the last 1 or 2 aid payments, D was fortunate enough to have adequate undeclared fund balance to not have to make mid-year cuts. However, the 91-92 aid was held close to the 90 received level so that a net loss was the outcome year over year. If I recall correctly, and it's less accurate day to day, activity buses and some staff were cut for 91-92 to afford those automatic unavoidable increases. Hopefully the fund balance was not spent down last year to the point where a cut in the current year can't be absorbed without a major effect on students. What will happen this time around is anybody's guess, but something WILL happen to state aid. I note in a blurb that us old folks received last week from NYSTRA that the retirement fund payment rate has been set for '09 budgeting at 8+%. HOWEVER, that was most likely done prior to the crunch on investments, so don't be surprised if that rate goes up in the near future, and for the next several years for the fund to recoup it's I feel 20% coming again...possibly as happened before and you know..."what goes around...." Good luck, keep smiling and working hard as all nine of you do....LFC

KAZ said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I'm hoping to hear more from Larry and other districts when he comes to speak to us at BOCES this Thursday. I think Dryden is being quite proactive, but we have no control over what the state decides to take away.