Saturday, September 20, 2008

Manchurian Candidate

OK, new theory: GW Bush was the real Manchurian Candidate, and the last eight years were all about positioning China. Not that I need any proof, but try these: (1) BEFORE WE HAD ANY REAL OFFICIAL RELATIONS WITH CHINA, Poppy Bush was named envoy to China by Ford, who was only in office because Poppy, as Chair of the RNC, had formally requested Nixon's resignation; (2) While President, Poppy barfed on the Prime Minister of Japan, a supporter of closer ties with China; the PM left office within the year, replaced by hardliners who preferred to leave that close relationship to the U.S.; (3) Poppy picked Dan Quayle as VP, paving the way for future morons in the White House; (4) Angela Lansbury would be my top choice to play Babs in the Barbara Bush Story; and (5) JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

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