Monday, September 22, 2008

Executive Powers

You know it's a bad bailout plan when both William Kristol and Paul Krugman agree that it sucks.

Our former assemblyman wrote to us all yesterday to suggest that we write our representatives in protest. In his words,
This proposal removes from Congress the authority to oversee and obtain data and documents from the Treasury Department regarding the operation of the bail-out. It specifically provides that there be no judicial review of the activities of the Secretary of the Treasury and that Congress receive only two reports on the program's operations yearly.
In other words, it's a final opportunity for an executive power-grab, and it might just work.

LATER: Well, now it's a pissing match, as Bush announces that the whole world is watching to see whether we can fix this mess fast. So if the Dems want oversight, or maybe a plan to go with that boatload of cash, it will be viewed as obstructionist foot-dragging.

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