Thursday, August 21, 2008

O on Stage

This morning was spent at opening day of Les Miserables, School Edition, at the Hangar Theatre. O wants me to point out that "It wasn't very 'school edition,' because there were prostitutes, swear words, and the director quotes, 'loud noises, dramatic violence, and adult concepts,' and this was for little children." I'm so proud to have a program announcing that my own child is Whore #1. She didn't want to be, but after they gave her the role of Combeferre, they said, "Your voice is good, so we're giving you additional solos as a prostitute," and she said, "Oh, joy."

Can you tell that some of this was ghost written? BTW, the production was quite good, even though they had only three days at the Hangar for staging, plus the play itself is so inappropriate and confusingly plotted, even for those of us who once upon a time read the book in translation.

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