Wednesday, May 14, 2008

So Bad for Our Side

SmileyCentral.comMy ex-state (well, I lived there for six months when I was four) gave the finger to Obama big time, apparently more out of racism than out of genuine affection for HRC.

Some of us are extremely nervous about HRC's domination of swing states. Her campaign hasn't been right about much, but it is right about one thing--swing states matter.

LATER: Looks like Edwards will endorse Obama tonight. Bet his wife won't. But still, that's all she wrote.

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Anonymous said...

Your swing state comment seems to miss the (swift) boat, or at least compares apples to oranges. Swing states tend to go toward those who define themselves as most middle of the road, hence Hillary doing well. But Obama against McCain is a whole different fruit. My guess is that they'll be viewed as far left and far right, respectively, so it will be a wash, or determined by how well one or the other sells himself over the next few months as "the moderate." My guess is conservatives will stay home out of disgust with Bush and/or Mccain himself, liberals will come out, and Obama will take most swing states. Barring an effective Swiftian smear campaign, of course....