Monday, May 5, 2008

Home Improvement

We bought most of our siding and deck wood online. Even trucked up from Louisiana, it cost far less than buying it locally. However, when Paul decided to add on an extended deck, which was a great idea, we matched the long-distance wood with wood from 84 Lumber in Dryden. Well, guess which wood lasted? Our feet went right through the deck in several places this spring. Paul is patching with leftover LA lumber, but when we can afford it, we'll go with Trex or another recycled synthetic.

In other projects, we're having the most horrible portion of the driveway redone, and Paul has found a guy to do the initial framing for the barn and leave the rest of the work for him. Now if I just had more work, we could afford all these little projects.

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Mary Ann said...

I wonder where that Lumber 84 wood came from.

For the barn consider the sawmill on Peruville Road. They sell locally harvested rough-cut dimension lumber. It's great for barn floors in particular because the "2x6s", for example, are fully 2" by 6".