Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy Day in Ithaca

Saturday, we treated Mark to a total Ithaca day. We started with the Community Build at the Sciencenter, for which O and I planted 200+ daylilies and Paul and Mark worked on demolition and railings. (Workers were assigned duties less by sex than by facility with a circular saw.) Afterward, Mark and I visited the Farmers' Market and had lunch and shopped at Wegman's. We had an hour or two at home before we turned right around and headed down for the Sciencenter's Volunteer Thank You Dinner, catered admirably by Dinosaur BBQ. We had to drag O away from the facepainting and other fun.

SmileyCentral.comNow he's off to Philadelpha to cast one of Y's plays (Eggs). Paul's playing with a friend's backhoe (he planted all the fruit trees, fixed the chicken coop, and rototilled the back 40). O's baking cookies, and I'm cleaning up after Sadie, who is capable of leaving 50 pounds of stuffed toy fluff and chewed cardboard in her wake in any given hour. Mollie and Becky are coming to dinner for the last time this semester.

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