Thursday, April 3, 2008

Walk, Don't Run

I hear nobody's running for the fourth position on the BOE. Now's your chance! Pick up your packet at the district office. You have until 5 PM on April 21 to get the required 25 signatures.

Last night Paul and I had date night as we both attended the BOCES annual dinner, prepared and served by students from the culinary arts program. I was allowed to sit at the Newfield table. The desserts were, as always, fabulous. My favorite was a tiny cream puff whose pastry was molded in the form of a swan. I could envision dozens of them circling a wedding cake--and they tasted good, too.


HP said...

Is this the seat that has a one year term?

KAZ said...

That;s not how it works. Whoever gets the fewest votes gets the one-year term.