Monday, April 7, 2008

Grace at 95

It was a wonderful party, capped by a speech from the guest of honor in which she explained why she remains an optimist and knows that we all will elect a Democratic president, get out of Iraq, and even fix the economy. My kind of first cousin once removed. Some of the fun involved figuring out how the people there were related. I think I finally worked out that the guy across from me was connected to Grace via her father's family (the Glanzes) rather than her mother's (the Zahlers), and therefore wasn't related to me at all. But O had second cousins there, and I had second cousins once removed and twice removed and first cousins and first cousins once removed and a brother and two parents and who knows what else.

And every one of them supports Obama. Grace even said to me, "You must tell your superdelegate friend to vote for Obama. She simply must. Hillary has done some dreadful, dreadful things over the course of this campaign." So there you have it.

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