Thursday, March 27, 2008

Nature, Red in Tooth, etc.

SmileyCentral.comI was out interviewing yesterday afternoon, but O and Paul were home to witness a hawk barreling out of the sky and nailing one of our chickens. Paul had let the flock out for the second time this spring, and I guess they just were too thrilled to be on high alert.

Right now, I'm watching a wild turkey with an injured foot pick his way across the lawn. Although he's quite a bit bigger than the hawks, I would say his days are numbered.


Anonymous said...

Goshawk? Red-tailed hawk? African crowned eagle?

KAZ said...

I wasn't there, not that I can tell my accipters apart from my buteos anyway. We have plenty of red-tails and rough-legs, and a Cooper's hawk is a frequent visitor; he lurks on branches above the driveway. Of the chicken, O remarked, "Its stomach was gone, but it wasn't bleeding." Perhaps it was just sleeping.