Tuesday, March 11, 2008

How Could You Do This to Me?

I woke this morning with one of those painful guts you get when your personal life is in a turmoil. It's hard to be this disappointed in someone I've met only twice in my life--but I liked the guy, and I really liked his wife, too. And although I absolutely feel that we delve way too far into the private lives of public figures, I also feel personally betrayed in a way that's bizarre and reminiscent of how some people (not I) felt about Bill Clinton.

The worst part is the thought of Joe Bruno, whom I really believe to be a villain, serving gleefully as Acting Governor whenever David Paterson is out-of-state.

This image of the ticking time bomb that was Eliot Spitzer is enlightening, though not comforting.

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Simon said...

I still have that "painful gut", and I woke up a long time ago.

When he (finally) departs, maybe I'll be able to get to the 'acceptance' part of the grieving process, and figure out where to go next.