Monday, February 4, 2008

Wild Ride

SmileyCentral.comCrazy fourth quarter. Crazy day before Super Tuesday. Today I'm leaning Barack-wise, although I'm extremely concerned about his chumminess with Warren Buffett over liquefaction of coal. This is an energy policy? And of course, his health plan sucks and probably means that we will get no improvement in health policy at all. The only reason I might support him tomorrow is because I'm starting to think he might do better than HRC against McCain. And the only reason I think that's true is because people like my right-wing neighbor are talking about voting for Obama rather than for McCain. If McCain loses Republican voters, as he certainly will, he won't lose them to HRC; they'll stay home just like the many Democrats who won't vote for her. However, if McCain faces Obama, he could lose GOP voters to Obama, for reasons I don't understand and about which I can't begin to speculate. As I said to my Obama pals this morning in an email that asked them to convince me, "If I want to be inspired, I'll join a church." Our best hope for pulling off a win may be if Ron Paul runs on a third-party ticket.

But if the Giants can win the Superbowl, anything can happen. A week ago, I would have guessed that the Dem race would be over Super Tuesday, and the GOP race would go to the convention. Today, I'm gonna say the opposite. And what a convention it will be. (Obviously, the choice of keynote speaker is critically important!)

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Anonymous said...

It is tough.......I think they both have strong points.

I actually think HRC will do fine against McCain. I think there differences are pretty strong.

1. Stance on war strategy

2. Healthcare

Since I am unable to vote Democrat tomorrow....I will have to rely on my fellow New Yorkers to make the appropraite choice.