Friday, February 22, 2008

The Joint Birthday

Having been born just three days apart, Mark and I have had joint birthday parties on and off since we turned 13. He's visiting now, interviewing for a job in town, and Diane L came up from Brooklyn, too, so we had a joint birthday (including Paul this time--his birthday is March 1). Lots of food, good gifts, like this fabulous hat for Paul from Diane. Tonight we'll go to the Boatyard Grill for more fun, and Diane and O will bake a cake. And barring a horrible blizzard (we are expecting about 6 inches today), O and I will drive Mark to his interview in Syracuse tomorrow and go to the mall to buy a gift for Diane Z, another joint birthday partier at times over the years. Right now, Paul, Mark, Diane L, and O are visting Miss Spitz, Diane's beloved third-grade teacher, at her home in Kendal.

LATER: Diane Z, another alumna, tells me Miss Spitz taught fifth grade.

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