Friday, January 4, 2008

Obamarama, For Sure

Well, it was as predicted, but far more decisive than I would have guessed. Edwards gave a great speech, but Obama's was just outstanding. It made me strongly consider whether I'm just too old and cynical to be swayed by his message. I'll have to ponder that today.

NY's own David Paterson stood behind HRC as she delivered her rather wooden "I'm still the one" speech. Huckabee is a better speaker than she is.

And Dodd and Biden have dropped out and are therefore off my list. Sad.

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HP said...

I also find it hard to decide. I thought Hillary Clinton would be my choice, but after hearing her speaking twice this week.......I'm not so sure I want to support her. There is a sense of entitlement in her speeches, almost as if she should be "crowned". I also think she has some seriously nasty campaign strategies, some are down right ridiculous.

Edwards gave a great speech last night. Can he win the election? Everythin he says makes sense and I support.......but can he win?

Obama.......I like him, like what he says........Does he have enough experience?

So many questions.....