Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gamblin' Fool

Speaking of government supported vices, SAZ writes about the newest controversy in CA:
Fierce ads on TV for and against licensing 17,000 new slot machines at casinos run by four (rich) Indian tribes. Application for permission to add the machines are ballot choices for CA voters. The Gov (Schwarzenegger) says yes ($1,000,000,000 over 10 years goes to the state); other (poorer) Indian tribes, and racetrack owners, say no. Expectations are for $50,000,000,000 profits per 10 years from 17,000 slots.

The Union-Tribune today ran an article pointing out that permission for the slots requires Department of the Interior permission. The four tribes made their request months ago, but the Department of the Interior lost the application. The law says than if an application gets lost, it must automatically be approved. Pretty odd. The article mentions that the four tribes contribute huge amounts of cash to both parties.
First firewater and smallpox; now this. NYS has the same kinds of issues.

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