Saturday, January 26, 2008

Can't We All Just Be Friends?

Bob Herbert has a lot to say about the divisiveness of the Clinton campaign, and there's been a big hubbub on both sides about how down-and-dirty the campaign in SC has become. All I can say is, they're fooling themselves if they don't think the national campaign isn't going to be the dirtiest, nastiest ever. Wait till the GOP has only our candidate to compete against, whether it's Obama or Clinton. Hideous. Consider this a warmup, and get over it.


Anonymous said...

I wonder which canidate..Clinton or Obama is more favore in our "region", meaning Dryden.

I also wonder what Hillary would be like as a canidate without her husband's influence.

KAZ said...

In Dryden, I'd guess it's even among Dems, and in informal polling among our committee, it appears to be three way, with about 1/3 for Edwards, 1/3 for Obama, and 1/3 for Clinton.

As for HRC without Bill, well, she'd be just as smart as she is now. Spouses are designed to be the bad cops; remember, it was Barbara Bush who called Hillary a bitch, not her hubby GHW.

Anonymous said...

Assume you saw Frank Rich's column this past Sunday on just this point?