Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Last night came as a complete shock to me, showing why I must never bet money on political races. The Democrats scored a perfect six out of six in Town Supervisor races in Tompkins County, returning Don Barber in Caroline and Ric Dietrich in Danby, and electing Frank Podufalski in Enfield, Scott Pinney in Lansing, Herb Engman in Ithaca, and our own Mary Ann Sumner in Dryden. If that's not enough, we won both town council seats: Dave Makar returns, and Joe Solomon starts his term in January.

Mike Lane said, and I concur, that 2006 represented a sea-change, and that the national disgust is trickling down to the towns. I think the towns will benefit, as most of them look toward controlled development, retention of open space, improved communication with constituents, and greening the towns through wind ordinances and other initiatives.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your election night update. It is the most complete in Tompkins County.

Anonymous said...

Boy, I wish you were right about our county. We lost a dozen or more Democrat seats to Republicans, including our entire town board. I think voters are more irritated at our governor than at our president. The abberation was 2006 -- now we're back to normal. After all, this is the county that prides itself on not having voted for Roosevelt, even though he lived here.

KAZ said...

Yeah, it seems my gloating was premature, as all the big counties to our north and west elected Republican county executives. But Dutchess County is another thing entirely. I guess Rep. Gillibrand had better make waves fast or wave good-bye next year.