Monday, November 26, 2007

Required Reading

SmileyCentral.comPaul Krugman, explaining why I feel so poor. We, of course, already paid for a winter's worth of heating oil--it looks pretty serious when you see it in one bill. It now costs over $40 to fill up the Subaru, and the truck has to sit in the driveway while we shop at Tops to get their 10 cents a gallon rebate. (Since I'm pretty convinced that Tops costs more than Wegman's as a rule, this is probably a wash.) And although we don't buy meat most weeks (we buy half a pig and half a cow and raise Cornish hens biannually), my weekly grocery bill has increased by about 10 percent this year. Meanwhile, I haven't been able to raise my rates in maybe a decade, and DZ can attest to the fact that rates have often declined precipitously.

So I'm working more to earn less, and spending more at the same time. Kinda sucks.


Anonymous said...

Yes, driving 3 hours a day to take our son to school will probably end up costing us more than his tuition this year. It's especially scary when you pass the same service stations every day and see the prices change (upward, always upward) daily.

Anonymous said...

I know (sigh). It is stressful.