Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Politics, Dryden Style. Not.

Last night's meet-the-candidates event disintegrated into the ugliest display of mindless partisanship I've seen since I was slammed for staring at my fingernails as people lamely rambled on and on about Freeville School at a BOE meeting back in 2001. GOP veterans planted in the audience blathered about the POW/MIA flag (the issue is more clearly explained on Simon's blog), and John Bailey called Mary Ann's faith into question, based on comments she'd written in the past on her own blog. Since John and I have gotten down and dirty over evolution (he once told me that perhaps I had emerged from primordial ooze, but he was the product of a loving God), that didn't surprise me. But I am seriously considering moving our business elsewhere. I mean, I'm godless, so surely my money is, too.SmileyCentral.comAlthough I mentioned both red-baiting and swift-boating in my response on radio and TV, the WHCU webpage just mentions my pleasure at getting a female supervisor. I should have been more specific. Although I admire her ability to spin and be glib, I think Cheryl Nelson would make a fairly terrible representative of our town.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think Cheryl Nelson would make a terrible supervisor?

KAZ said...

Well, my first reason is that she has no identity with the town and has never expressed an interest in the town prior to running. My second reason is that I don't believe the staff is happy about the prospect of another do-nothing majority, because that puts the burden on them. But Simon expresses the issue better than I could: