Wednesday, October 3, 2007


SmileyCentral.comAll of this stuff that's coming out about our mercenaries in Iraq and Afghanistan is just sick-making. Recipe for disaster: Take kids raised on Stallone and Tom Cruise movies, pay them a lot, and send them into a war zone with loads of firepower but little training.


Anonymous said...
I read you guys from my hometown almost daily, I comment rarely. Blackwater, and most of our futile and expensive event in Iraq, bothers me. The company is local to me now and this story will tell you that the scary part is that they are not young, untrained men. Edification, not criticism.

KAZ said...

Thank you for the fascinating article. Of course you are right. I think I was thrown off by the Top Gun "This is fun" plane crash in Afghanistan. It sure sounded like boys with toys. I stand corrected.