Monday, September 24, 2007

Those Pesky Unfunded Mandates

SmileyCentral.comI'm sure it comes from being married to a true fiscal conservative, but I've lost patience with pols who blame unfunded mandates for everything. Granted, I was loudest among them the last time I was on the BOE. But now I hear our assemblywoman blame the feds and our local pols blame the state, and it just makes me tired. Maybe we really cannot afford everything we want, as rich as NYS is. Maybe we don't really even want everything we seem to want. Maybe it's time to consider frugality--at least consider it, if only to set a good example for the electorate, who are rapidly spending themselves into a downward spiral of debt. That's the real race to the bottom, it seems to me. When debt is meaningless to our officials, why should it mean anything to the rest of us? It's just paper.

Until China calls our marker.

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