Monday, August 6, 2007

Required Reading

Paul Krugman in the NYT on the lack of substance in most of our presidential candidates. After stating baldly that "The entire G.O.P. field. . . fails the substance test," he goes on to say:
There is, by contrast, a lot of substance on the Democratic side, with John Edwards forcing the pace. Most notably, in February, Mr. Edwards transformed the whole health care debate with a plan that offers a politically and fiscally plausible path to universal health insurance.

Whatever the fate of the Edwards candidacy, Mr. Edwards will deserve a lot of the credit if and when we do get universal care in this country.

Mr. Edwards has also offered a detailed, sensible plan for tax reform, and some serious antipoverty initiatives.

Four months after the Edwards health care plan was announced, Barack Obama followed with a broadly similar but somewhat less comprehensive plan. Like Mr. Edwards, Mr. Obama has also announced a serious plan to fight poverty.

Hillary Clinton, however, has been evasive. She conveys the impression that there’s not much difference between her policy positions and those of the other candidates ­ but she’s offered few specifics.


Anonymous said...

The landscape on your pictures looks familiar. We live across Ringwood on the short end of Mineah. Beautiful area! It'snice to see (or read)on some enlightened people in the area.

KAZ said...

I pass by your place all the time taking the shortcut to Ithaca. We're on Midline at the top of the ridge.

Anonymous said...

We are in the big blue house just past Pleasant Hollow Road.

KAZ said...

OK, I take it back. I turn up Mt. Pleasant before I pass your place!