Saturday, August 18, 2007

Dramatic Weather

From today's Ithaca Journal:
Around 7:10 p.m. trees and power lines blew down across Taughannock Boulevard near the Hangar Theatre, blocking traffic in both directions and sending Ithaca police and firefighters to the scene. That was the most severe damage IFD saw in that period, VanBenschoten said. Because of downed wires, the Hangar was asked to cancel its 8 p.m. performance of “All the Great Books (Abridged).”
Actually, we were there. The performance was not cancelled. We watched nearly the whole first act without sound cues or lighting cues. When the lights finally cut out altogether, we watched by flashlight, and nobody left or enjoyed it less. At long last, Lisa and Kevin interrupted a fight scene to say that the fire department required our departure. We're allowed to return to see the show again before it closes, but all three of us agreed it couldn't possibly be better than the seat-of-the-pants, half-improvised show we saw.

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