Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What a Day

This was one of those perfect MV days. The haze burned off early, and we had sunlight and a high of maybe 78 with a nice breeze. Paul biked a dozen miles or so while I was still asleep. O and I hiked a couple of miles. Then we all went to Lucy Vincent Beach (south shore, private, but the Feinsteins helped us get a pass). There was a vicious riptide that kept O from going in past her knees, but it could not have been prettier. Then we drove around looking for Portuguese sweet bread, which we located in Vineyard Haven, and clams for Paul's lunch. We were stopped for speeding (40 in a 25-mph zone), but they let us off with a warning. After lunch, we hammocked, jigsaw puzzled, read, dozed, etc. Dinner was at Gay Head (now Aquinnah), one of the most spectacular places on the planet. (Living in Dryden, which is pretty spectacular itself, I'm usually fairly critical of other pretty spots, but Gay Head is one of my favorites.) Tomorrow we expect a high of 90, which means every human being on the island will descend on the waterfront. But this was a good day.

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