Saturday, July 14, 2007


We ended up having a perfect day weather-wise, despite the sudden downpour an hour before the event. The backyard was especially stunning, and it was cool enough to stay outside without discomfort. I didn't do a head count, but there were quite a few people here, and O made fast friends with two ten-year-olds who were visiting their grandma and insisted on coming to the party. It's fun hosting an event when you have no responsibility for anything other than supplying the location (and a minor amount of cleaning up afterward). Our congressman gave a brief speech that was well-received (although interrupted briefly by Roxie, who escaped from the bedroom and started to sing in the doorway), people drank plenty of donated wine and raspberry iced tea, and we had little in the way of leftovers (and took in some $ in the meantime). If Simon sends me pix, I'll post some (or send you over to his blog, if he posts 'em there).

LATER: (click on photos for better viewing and titles)

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