Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Committee Assignments

Last night was the reorganizational meeting of the Dryden School Board. We re-elected Anderson Young and Russ Kowalski President and VP, and committee assignments were as follows.
Policy Committee: KAZ, Brad Rauch
Strategic Planning Committee: Anderson Young, Brian June, Brad Rauch, KAZ
Safety Committee: Jeff Bradley
Facilities Committee: Brian June, Brad Rauch, Anderson Young
Audit Committee: Chris Gibbons, Russ Kowalski, Brad Rauch, Karin Lamotte
Finance/Budget Committee: Chris Gibbons, Brian June, Perry Dewey, Karin Lamotte
Representative to TST SBA: Chris Gibbons
Legislative Liaison: KAZ
DAA Negotiations Reps: Brian June, Russ Kowalski
Exempt Employee Negotiations Reps: Jeff Bradley, Perry Dewey
The Board decided last year to outsource policies to some group in Erie County that's putting them together for lots of school districts. This seems weird to me, since it's one of the Board's two duties, the other being budget preparation. Nevertheless, it will be a huge job this year to take what Erie sends, compare and contrast it to what we already have, and merge the two. Strategic Planning is critical and hasn't happened at all in the several years this committee's been around. And as Legislative Liaison, I'm the liaison between the district and legislators from the village, town, county, state, and federal gov't, as well as to the Central NY School Board Association. I'm starting today with a letter to Frank Proto on the County Legislature, asking for a meeting to discuss moving the Health Dept into the NYSEG building, a move I totally oppose.

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