Sunday, June 10, 2007

Tomorrow's Board Meeting

Here's the agenda. We're honoring O's fabulous band teacher, who very much deserves it. We're granting an inordinate number of people tenure. We're honoring retirees, some of whom have been there over 30 years. We're hearing a report from the cafeteria director. (The cafeteria is in the red to the tune of a couple hundred thousand.) We're abolishing a number of co-curricular positions. We're discussing the technology acceptable use policy, about which I have several questions. We have at least 1 1/4 hours of executive session before the meeting even begins.

I expect to raise issues about (1) the cafeteria software the cafeteria director hopes to purchase, (2) the fact that we spend a grand amount on software that helps teachers create websites, yet we don't require them to create websites, and many/most teachers do not, and (3) why we need a copy aide and whether that isn't, in fact, just the kind of position that might be considered "fluff."

Should be a long, long night.

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