Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Grading the Debaters, part deux

I put the "deux" in for Tancredo. But I really can't grade them, because, embarrassingly, I can't tell them apart. I wished for little squibs with names on them, because although I know Giuliani (who looked both little and old) and McCain (ditto) and Tommy Thompson (and Romney's the guy with the glowing teeth and tan), I can't tell Tancredo from Duncan Hunter. I finally was able to remember that Huckabee had the green tie. And Ron Paul, of course, is the Gravel of the GOP, so I could pick him out of the crowd.

All except Ron Paul are okay with nuking Iran. That was really all I needed to know. Tancredo obviously had some childhood trauma that has led him to his position on immigration; future biographers may be able to ferret it out, but I believe it disqualifies him. Huckabee scares me with his "culture of life" stuff, which I get confused with "Circle of Life" in The Lion King.

More later; time to drive O to school.

LATER: Now I'm confused; maybe it was Sam Brownback who scared me, not Huckabee. Actually, I think they both scared me. And Jim Gilmore IS Duncan Hunter.

Best moments: Lightning knocking out Giuliani's sound as he talked about his position on abortion; McCain speaking sincerely about Hispanics in the military and their other contributions to our culture.


Anonymous said...

The one good moment was Huckabee (I think -- you're right that they all look alike) introducing himself as a former governor of Arkansas, born in "a little town called Hope." A pause, and then, "Please, give us another chance!" I actually had to laugh, his timing was so good. But then I realized how scary it was that a little town in Arkansas could produce two governors/presidential contenders. What's in the water?

Anonymous said...

This is in response to anonymous:

I have NO idea what u just said.:-)