Friday, May 4, 2007

Re: The Republicans

Is it possible that Jim Gilmore doesn't have a web site? I certainly can't find one. Sad to say, despite my good intentions, I missed the debate. But from what I hear this morning, either Gingrich or Thompson could get in now and take the reins. Stupid questions, though.

LATER: "Anonymous" pointed out that I just didn't look hard enough. Jim's now on my list on the (far) right.


Anonymous said...

You didn't look very hard.

KAZ said...

Thanks. The alarming thing is that I couldn't find it when I googled "Jim Gilmore for President." It does finally appear on page 2, but who goes there? Ol' Jim better work on that.

RL said...

Another alphabetically-challenged republican.

Doesn't he know that all first names less than Mike are reserved for Democrats?