Monday, May 21, 2007

Internet Down

No Internet yesterday, thus no post. Spent part of Saturday at the Simon-Angelika nuptials, held in a gorgeous spot I'd never seen--the Hector Meeting House. It could not have been more beautiful and peaceful.

Tonight is my first Board meeting. I plan to make enemies right away by b*tching about the Cafeteria deficit, which has blossomed from $60K to over $200K since I first started complaining five years ago--despite the Board's creation of a committee to study it. We should also have some interesting discussion of the district's technology acceptable use policies. The whole notion of what happens to intellectual property online is fascinating. The upshot, I believe, is that there is no expectation of privacy in public schools. If they can open your locker, they can seize your emails. Paul's had interesting cases where kids have downloaded materials in direct violation of Newfield's acceptable use policies (in one case jamming the server by filling it to the brim with illegal music downloads), and he's gone into their accounts and erased everything. And he can.

Kids in Virginia are now challenging some of this in a case that should prove useful, if not definitive.

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