Thursday, May 31, 2007

Evolution on My Mind

Geez, I've been on the school board a week, and already I have a letter from a concerned parent worrying about inconsistencies in the way we teach evolution. It's not entirely clear whether she's pro or con, but I'd be willing to take a guess. Heck, even Sam Brownback believes in evolution. Sort of. The New York State Standards are very clear about what's to be taught and how.

It's cowardly of me, I know, but this really isn't something I want to get into with the board.


Mary Ann said...

I'm always interested in how people chose what issues to give their time and energy to. I'm pretty sure that I know how you expect evolution to be taught. And I'm confident that if you thought Dryden teachers were deviating much from the state standard you'd want to be sure there were people in place to deal appropriately with it.

I was interested to hear Steve Trumbull say that when he was teaching science he was willing to entertain a discussion of intelligent design with the basic response, "Well, who knows? Anything's possible."

KAZ said...

It's painful to find yourself at odds with friends in the community over something you once considered a non-issue. It wasn't till I moved to Dryden that I discovered how hotblooded people could still get over something I'd thought went out with the Scopes Trial. On our TalkDrydenSchools listserve, I once had my own insurance agent assure me that whereas I might have emerged from primordial ooze, he was the product of a loving God. There's nowhere to go from there--except to agree to disagree.