Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The IJ editorial today calls on everyone to vote down all the school budgets--ignoring the fact that to do so in several cases leads to a contingency budget HIGHER than the budget proposed. They're so rabid on the issue that they even put a little box on their minimal story on page 1 saying, "Voters should understand the ramifications of voting 'yes' on local school budgets." My alter ego felt compelled to respond. The IJ is rapidly heading downhill, not that it was ever very good.


Simon St.Laurent said...

My favorite part is that the budget story just says ICSD "voting will take place at the same locations as years past".

I guess they're hoping to depress turnout?


KAZ said...

No, they're just hopelessly lazy. As one writer comments today, the first instance of actual investigative reporting that they've done in years is their nutty attention to the city judge appointment.