Tuesday, May 29, 2007

"Caging" and the Elections of '04 and '08

Will sent me this very interesting essay on something that emerged from Monica Woodling's testimony and was ignored by the ignoramuses on the committee.

I should point out that our local committee voted in favor of impeachment at last week's meeting. I wasn't on the winning side, because I think it's a masturbatory exercise when we don't even have the votes to end the war. But I have to admit, if it were in any way possible, this is the administration to impeach.


Anonymous said...

Well, I am shocked. Have you become so cynical (and I mean that in a bad way) that you don't even think such a vote would send a message that is vital to get out? In Vermont, the whole state has voted to impeach. Towns and cities around the nation are voting to impeach. No, it has no measurable effect, but who knows? Certainly if everyone took your attitude, nothing would ever happen. And what would be the point of minority dissent? Not to make such a vote is exactly what Bush/Cheney hope for and count on. Liberal inertia is our main problem -- even now, when we have a majority. You sound a little Clintonesque -- drearily pragmatic. Have some idealism already!

KAZ said...

Oh, idealism. That's so 20th century.

Piz said...

No, I have to agree with Anonymous. If you believe in a position, and the position is unlikely to cause some greater harm than good, you vote for it. If it is unrealistic and/or unlikely, then you do so with a certain resignation, and the hope that your vote might serve to change others' minds. But to not do so is to miss the entire point of such exercises (including the one called democracy), which I think Anon captured well.