Tuesday, May 22, 2007


My first meeting was uneventful. I made a stink about the cafeteria deficit. We chose to table the technology use policy until more stakeholders could be there. We had reports from the Dryden Youth Commission and the principals talked about the 2005-2006 School Report Card, particularly focusing on the lack of "4s" in 8th grade. A teacher/community member rose to say that we shouldn't freak out about that, because "3s" were just fine. Love the attitude.

Uneventful or not, the saddest thing to see is the lack of coverage. The Journal no longer covers Dryden Schools at all. Ida Pease of the Cortland Standard was promoted, so no one from the Standard comes to meetings. Tompkins Weekly is rarely there. WHCU can't be bothered. Only Matt Cooper from the Dryden Courier attends with any regularity. It's no wonder I had to get back on the board to find out what was happening.

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